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  • Plastic top case (27L)

    Plastic top case (27L)

    Plastic top case (27L)

    A large-capacity top case adorned with the SUZUKI logo is available for the Address 125.
    Maximum load: 3kg / Capacity: 27L
    *The separately sold Rear carrier and Top case adapter plate are required to install this accessory.

  • Cushion for top case

    Cushion for top case

    This accessory provides well-cushioned padding where the passenger’s back meets the top case.
    Improves the riding comfort of the passenger.

  • Top case adapter plate

    Top case adapter plate

    Attach this item to Rear carrier in order to install the Plastic top case (27L).

  • Rear carrier

    Rear carrier

    This accessory is required to install the Plastic top case (27L) on the Address 125.
    The top case adapter plate is to be placed on top of this item.
    Maximum load: 6kg

*Only main accessories are shown. Please contact Suzuki authorized dealers/distributor for the detail information of Suzuki Genuine Accessories.

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